Posted by: californiablogging | July 2, 2007

Welcome to California Blogging

I am looking for my muse. It’s summer and I’m in California.
I’m setting some goals.
I’ll write some short stories.
I’ll write a screenplay.
I’ll learn how to use my Mac.
I’ll do the editing tutorials.
I’ll get healthy. Loose some fat. Tone up.
I’ll drink better wine.
I’ll catch some sunset.

That’s my five year plan.



  1. Best wishes for the 5 year plan. I’ll put the drinking better wine ,the sunset thing and learning the Mac at the easier end of that plan.

  2. I just did this to save my name as a real address and it’s not supposed to be coming up when I use the other one…….. I guess I should link to myself.
    Crap. Oh that is what they are saying about my five year plan…. crap again.

  3. Thank you emalyse, my this address was not supposed to come up. I do think I will accomplish some fine wine drinking and …..You’ve inspired me to put some easier stuff on my list…..must have stuff to cross off. : )

    This was not the blog that I was posting from… oops.

  4. I’ll drink to your five year plan.
    Hey thanks for coming by my blog and checking it out.

  5. thakns for dropping by and nailing me with a scathing comment…i like your plan. May I recommend the boone’s farm?

  6. boones is fine with me…..Thanks! OOops was that scathing? Sorry.

  7. i was kidding…i like your site..and the layout seems sort of familiar.

    i managed to get my stuff to go back up on the right where it belongs by dropping a couple of the categories i didn’t use much

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