Posted by: californiablogging | July 4, 2007

A blank canvas

I love looking at a blank canvas. I paint to express my feelings. I ususlly don’t even know how I feel until I start painting. If I don’t like what it looks like, I just paint over it. I often take it back to all white.

It’s feels good to put paint on a brush and take it off. I don’t paint with colors that I like. What I like doesn’t matter. I paint by feel. It is just an expression. If I love someone or if I hate them I can usually paint them. I could never paint my neighbor.

Before I write, I have to paint. Before I paint, I have to go on lovely walks. Not walks with itunes in my ear pushing me forward to keep cadance and break a sweat. I need to look at houses and and trees. See if the hose is put back or left out. I need to see people starting their day. I need to think of that time I was on an air plane a universe away from the 405.

I wish the blank page was like a brand new canvas to me. I’ve been thinking of a series of short stories. They have a common thread. They want off the back burner. These stories are a way for me to communicate with people. You know certain people whom I need to speak with.

In a way it’s feels dangerous to feel like I must be heard. That’s not me really, it’s the little creatures in my story, a character that must be heard. Ok, so I’ll give a listen and try to keep up. Then maybe I’ll get rid of some of this static buzzing my head all the time. Mean while I’ll be posting the progress of my painting.

I’ll try to merge the wonderful feeling of paiting with the transcribing of words onto a blank page.



  1. Thanks for the visit and the comments! I responded…I love this layout!

  2. Have you figured it out yet jen?

  3. Go for it! :):) I look forward to seeing the work-in-progress pictures!

  4. What’s happening is that your creative inner child is letting you know that she’s ready to come out.
    It’s the first step before greatness.
    It’s awesome that you paint.


  5. Thank you Kim,
    I do hope to get some creative work done.

  6. I love to paint. Mostly these days I’m painting walls, however.

  7. I love this post. I have just stumbled across your blog. That `buzz’ rang a bell with me. I struggle to express everything and anything… that energy you feel when you watch others, that words do no justice to. it is an amazing journey… …sometimes painting and writing a mess is by far the most productive.. i am thankful i have the artistic means to create my feelings, even if i write like a numbskull!

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