Posted by: californiablogging | July 6, 2007

Look at it….it needs something….. but then again so do I.


Ug! A crap photo of a crap painting. WHY? Because, I said I would put up a work in progress and this is a work in progress. I don’t expect it to amount to much so it’s easier to share than something I hope turns out well. I know I am twisted and mental. The ironic part is that my niece and sister like and I can see them taking it and using it until they feel the need to change. Some art isn’t meant for the long term. I did this just to vege out. and try the making the lower swirls with a stick. It was super fun! kind of like writing in the mud with a stick.

ON that note this painting served my purpose and I was a nicer person having messed around in the paint.



  1. Thanks for dropping your words in my blog. By the way I would like to see this “crap painting” finished.. (kidding)

    I thought its a sunshine.. then i saw the plant…
    anyway both symbolize the same.. Hope..

    Wishing a beautiful sunshine tomorrow!

  2. I did need hope when I worked on it. ALso, I think the sunshine is the reason I haven’t completely painted over it. Interesting.

    And have a nice day to you too!

  3. Hey, don’t knock yourself! That’s a great piece. I noticed the radiant light right away, and the design has a pleasing flow to it. Very good color choices! And if it made you feel happy to paint it, then it’s a success all across the board! :):)

    Keep on painting!

  4. it would look neat in a coffeehouse – i think browns are very soothing!

  5. I like the curling tree branches. The tree hiding the sun is nice too.
    I don’t think this painting is crap at all.
    Is this acrylic or oil?

  6. Thanks for the nice comments! Hey Kitty, it’s acrylic, had to give up oil when I got pregnant and still not good for zach. I miss oil paints! It’s the most theraputic for me. I even miss the smell.

  7. I don’t miss the smell. Or the drying time.
    Watercolors were more suitable for me.

  8. Kitty, I have only seen your Mosaics…..oops…. hmmm have I see a water color? I would love to see some of your paintings. I love your photos.

  9. Thanks, Jen.
    I have not put up any photos of my watercolors. It’s been a really long time since doing one and I really didn’t have much talent. Or training. But it’s something that might be a good thing to get into again.

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