Posted by: californiablogging | July 7, 2007

I need to play

Kim said to me in a comment ( link to kim is coming)

What’s happening is that your creative inner child is letting you know that she’s ready to come out.
It’s the first step before greatness.
It’s awesome that you paint.


I put up Sand Art because it’s so free and playful.
When you have such little time, and you mind is trying to steer the ship.
You get stuck. You can’t start. You want perfection. Nothing good comes from that place not when I am the channel.
I need to play and I need to be free like Sand Art. Just change it into something else and enjoy the process, the ride.

To completely contridict myself. Which is one of my favorite pastimes. I thought of something very useful to my story last night.

Maybe that’s the key is to give both sides of the brain a task and see if will either work together or at least leave each other alone long enough for something productive to happen.

I’ll be back to post a picture with this later. Everthing is a work in progress with me.



  1. Oh this was fun for me too. I find that no matter what the obstacle it is best to push, push, push myself to go through it and move forward.

    I am really enjoying your blog so far.


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