Posted by: californiablogging | July 9, 2007

A blog friend has a short story online…. check it out.


A blog friend from down under

Hey, Amira has a story online that we can read while we wait for her Wog Manual to get published and hit the bookstores.

Wog Girl Meets World

Amira’s story at Spinetinglemag

OH and if that wasn’t good enough….I just read the titile of her latest post! Congratulations on getting an agent, Amira!



  1. Thanks for spreading the word Jennifer. Much appreciated. And I love that photo. My secret dream is to have a library in my house. What luxury.

  2. Oh, that photo is drool-inducing!

  3. Where is that library photo taken?

  4. I didn’t see a reference for it. It was titled bound books. I am very sorry that I lost track of where I snagged it from. I hope to find out it’s real, beacause it reminds me of a movie set.

  5. if i am not mistaken – its a Candida Hofer.

  6. I am not mistaken 🙂 It is Candida Hofer – Trinity College Library Dublin.

  7. Yay! Thank you gaizabonts! I appreciate that.

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