Posted by: californiablogging | July 16, 2007

I was thinking ..pregnant at the time


I seriously need to learn how to photograph paintings. I paint to feel better not so much to make a pretty picture. Who knows maybe I can learn. I know I am a better person just for putting paint on a canvas. I guess it’s a way to relax. Not everything should be thought out to completion. The worries at least. I notice I need some new brushes… ones cause I tend to have to leave with no notice.



  1. It looks like an exotic stone or maybe the mystery melon I’m growing in my garden. 😉 Seriously though, I love the colors – I wish I could paint.

  2. I can totally see the mother/womb, the swirling and mixing of the two beings here. It’s beautiful really Jen.

  3. I don’t know why that posted as anonymous. Crazy. But you know who I am. 🙂 kim

  4. WC, maybe I was hungry when I painted it! LOL You know what it helps to throw paint on a canvas before I try to write. Of course if you care what it looks like or want to have control over the picture, it won’t be so theraputic or for me as much a part of the creative process.

    Thanks Kim! Green was my grandmothers favorite color and now that she’s passed on …this seems to mean more to me now. Weird how the same painting can take on such new emotions.

  5. Hmmm, I see twins but that could just be me. Photographing a canvas can be a pain. I try to either bounce the flash or diffuse it with something.

  6. Oh, I so wish I could paint and be artistic in that way.
    I love the colours too – lovely.

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