Posted by: californiablogging | August 11, 2007

Where else I live and why

What is My Twitter
It’s a text messaging site. You don’t have to hook it up to your phone but you can. You can have it linked to your blog. I am setting one up for Zach so he can Twitter to me and freinds. Because when I text him and the nanny he accepts it and when I call him he gets emotional with me. ( hey, I love that mommas boy!)

What is My life of indulgence and expression
Basically what wine I am drinking, what I am painting, what book I am reading. Where I focus on enjoying something and being creative every day I can. ( Hey that is here!)

What is Jippy Jabber
A mom blog. Where I am mad at god and depend on some higher power just as equally. And have the support of people who probably wouldn’t actually like me in person but see through it and give support.

What is Mutant Families
A social networking site “Mutant Families” filled with families dealing with mitchondiral DNA myopathies

What is Zach’s story
Zachary’s medical journey with complex regional pain syndrome, mytochondrial disorder, autism


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