Posted by: californiablogging | August 12, 2007

Eight Random One Night Stands!

My friend over at Curious me Pegged Me with a meme. OH he’s my friend because he’s waited a while for this. Just a nice guy. I would have pitched a fit waiting for someone to answer my tag. That’s just me. However, I was busy killing my other blog.

Here we go again and I changed the theme of the meme a bit ……….

1)OOOps! I can’t remember the first one night stand I ever had.

2) I was wearing pink jellies sandals ( think crocks but flimsy) walking down the streat in my pink plaid pants and white sweater and then I jumped on the back of a Harley when it pulled up at the stoplight next to me. We went out under the full moon and stopped on the back road. He wanted to find out my name. He took me to a barn party and I was scared to the girls there. They laughed at my hair in knots from riding. I peed in a haystack becuase I heard the girls talking about tipping the port o potty over when I went in. He took me home, kissed me at my door as the sun was coming up. He said if he came in or if we ever spoke again it would ruin is fantasy and he had always dreamed that one day a beautiful women would jump on the back of his bike.

3) I was in the bar of a hotel. My girlfriend said she just saw the most handsome man she’d ever seen in her life. He just got on the elevator and it was going down. It was only one floor down. I bolted for the steps and was there when the door opened. I was 17 and lied. I got him to the bar and then to his room. He kind of sang “green eyed lady, lovely lady” to me while he seduced me. He smelled so good and truly was intoxicatingly handsome. He was experienced with women and I was overwhelmed with new experiences long before I got up to use the restroom. On the way I tripped over something and landed hard on the floor. It was his prostectic leg. I was completely freaked me out holding a leg in my hands. I wondered, I was amased, he was able to take it off during sex and I never noticed. He had been pinned by a drunk driver while giving a friend’s car a jump. Every now and then I can hear him humming.

4) It wasn’t my turn. I had a understanding with my girlfriend, roomate. If we wanted to eat we pretty much had to date. My man caught on to it and he’d send take out to my roomate so we could go out alone. Hey, times were tuff back then! Sometimes I’d tag along with my roomate becasue it was a first date and she’d need my body gaurd services. He was hot and good on the dance foor. We wound up at his hotel room. As soon as he figured out he couldn’t have both of us. They left me there and decided to take a walk. I ordered a smoked buffalo motzerella cheese pizza and a bottle of wine. I indulged in my stolen (I charged it to the room) grub and watched them fuck on the ninth hole until the sprinklers came on. It was awesome!

5) Jeeze, eight of these holy crap was I really, The Last Great American Slut? OR Maybe Not….

6) I pretended on the phone to be his girlfriend. I faked an accent when I called my boss at home and asked to speak with his son. He was in the closet and I didn’t want to get fired. I wasn’t Jewish and so his son was off limits. There is a whole generation of gay men that know me as Sasa. The last greatest American Hag. It was fun being dragged around to gay bars and dancing all night with hot hot hot guys. I met a girl there that had two gay brothers and a gay cousin. I told her, I think Your dad was a carrier for the gay gene. It was nice having guys evny our cleavage instead of getting the elbow trick. Like they can feel much with an elbow! One night my gay man hooked up with someone from her clan and we wound up at the beach for sunrise. I know in California that’s actually happening behind you. THe sun comes up over the mountains. Still we were there on the sand when the night ended. That’s when she kissed me. So that’s what they meant by lipstick lesbian!

7)I had sworn off all men! Kissing a girl wasn’t so bad I was definetely turning gay! Men just confuse me sometimes. I mean I don’t understnd men one little bit! It was my neighbors birthday and she begged me to go out with her. She never meets any guys when she goes out. Please, please, come out with me on my birthday! I can’t I am giving up men. Besides, I told her, It’s not hard to meet them. It’s what to do after that, that will boggle the mind. Considering, I was going to be living next to her for quite some time, I thought my life might suck if I dis her on her birthday. So one last time, in the name of someone who holds off the landlord when the rent is late. I would throw myself into the mix of wild horny bachelors. We ran into a group of sailors, a first for me. So we danced all night and I never met a happier pair of guys, ever. We had narrowed it down to two pretty quickly. She wouldn’t let the night end and it was out to ‘Birthday Breakfast’ for the four of us. She didn’t come home for three days. Although I didn’t have sex with my sailor on the first night we met, I did wind up marrying him.

8) It’s a whole new world divorced, with a child and thrown into internet dating. But Hey I am still holding out hope for next third Tuesday night of the coming months. Damn! I miss those power slut days, I mean nights.



  1. Aww, thanks for the shout out. Sounds like you had a really run life and lived it up during that age. I need to live it up sometimes as well. Nice to here you’re back though!

    Love .. love your banner image. It’s so fracking hilarious .. where did you get it? Did you take it yourself. I saw that and just started to laugh.

  2. I did live it up and I am so glad I did because I ride on the waves of some awesome memories.

    Read the About me, About my headerabout me and you’ll get the story of that picture…. Yes! I took it and it was awesome.

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