Posted by: californiablogging | August 12, 2007

I want a “me” doll!

Artist Amber Hawk Swanson had a doll of herself made. I WANT ONE! OK She is using hers as a sex doll that she married in Vegas and she’s putting on performaces of rape scenes from movies with herself and the vicitm ( aka the doll of herself) wearing the same clothes. Damn it that’s a lot of thinking and right now I’d rather just do some linking……. PIC of them / and here is where I found it first. Our Descent Into Madness /

I just wonder if my son who is incapable of being without me, would he be comforted by the doll of me if I put it by the computer with headphones and yes have the nanny here but I could sneak out to say a book store and a coffee shop. Better yet a bar and a cheap hotel.



  1. Wow, that is just fricking creepy. Though I like your idea of having a psuedo-mom – that way we could go see a movie or yeah, the sleazy bar sounds good too.
    😉 WC

  2. I think you’re son would notice the difference .. lol. At least if you had one, you could always use it in your passenger seat of your car. That way you can “carpool” .. L.A. traffic sucks .. :(.

  3. WC, I am supportive of feminism. I dont’ freakin understand it though! Still, I always wanted to be a twin! LOL

  4. Curious, I don’t know sometimes this kid makes me feel like I am on life gaurd duty. Sit and observe, act only in times of emmiment danger! LOL OH, my kid is my Carpool ticket so there are some perks that come with the job! : )

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