Posted by: californiablogging | August 13, 2007

My Ex declares a truce and sends presents….

Miracles happen sometimes. I just said, there is nothing to fight over anymore. He agreed and said, he has changed. He said, he wants it to be ok for Zach. I want to give my son his father for Christmas. Even if it’s just the idea that he is loved by his dad. Zach has autism, at our home that makes him more sensative and emotional and not less. He is watching movies on Animal Planet. They have dads in these movies. He’s been sad at times.

I found out we are not divorced. After all these years! He actually called and made arragements to fix this. I have a call from a lawyer on my caller ID. So I know he has taken some action. I need the divorce papers. To get my name on my drivers liscence. Until three weeks ago, I had no idea where my ex was. No way to contact him. After years of not knowing his ex ( the girl he ran off with) gave me his email.

Divorce is common in homes with autism. A phone call and a card will go a long way for my son.
This might be brief but time enough for some healing for Zach and to learn the truth about how he really feels about his dad.



  1. that shows a lot of maturity that you are willing to bury the hatchet for Zach’s sake.
    I hope everything works out and he doesn’t let down Zach.

  2. He won’t have a chance to let Zach down. Zach is sensative and he doens’ t want much from his dad. It’s amazing and I respect Zach. I think Zach just wants to be able to feel like he has a dad and wasn’t abandoned. Zach walked away from his dad long before his dad left. He also rejected a brand new red bike from his dad. Zach is a truthometer….. LOL

  3. What nobody realizes is that many abusive or “in-denial” spouses will not allow a child to be diagnosed in the first place. Therefore we need to study custody battles in family courts and link it to Autism, rather than study Autism and un-link it to divorce.

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