Posted by: californiablogging | August 14, 2007

Ex wnts trce / divrce Cause hez remarried already BIG LOVE!

I recently posted, ‘ My ex wants a truce.’ Here is the update, It’s Big Love!

I went to get a copy of my divorce, the DMV wants to see it. There is no copy, because we are not divorced. This is funny to me. The DMV wants me to change my last name, at the Social Security department, to my ex husbands last name. This is not funny to me. I don’t want his name. I assumed I was divorced because I heard he had gotten remarried. This was stupid of me.

My ex is being nice because is other wife is furious! This is funny to me. This is his second wife, but his first love. The love that he swore to come home to, when he left to join the Navy. The girl I never knew about until after we were married for three months. This was not funny to me.

She must really hate the idea of me. Of course funny! ( you get that I am twisted, right!)

The meaning of the truce revealed. He happens to live in a state that won’t honnor his marriage until he is offically divorced. I see a trip to Vegas in their future!

I agreed to have it back dated but my lawyer isn’t sure the judge will go for it. And if it complicates things delaying getting my name back, I’ll have no trouble choosing for the, Quicky ( Papers filed n 2001) Divorce.

So he is a bigamist but am I?


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