Posted by: californiablogging | August 16, 2007

How much is your spit worth?

I just posted a Twitter, looking for anyone in Minnesota willing to stop by and steal my dad’s toothbrush.
I feel like I have a right to my parents DNA.

I asked my father for some DNA. Spit swab his cheeks. I need to know if my oldest sister is a full or half sister. My father claims my mother started this rumor during their divorce to be hurt full. OK my mom can tell some whopping lies. Still I need to know the truth.

My son has many issues and I agreed to be in a genetics study.

My father wants to be paid back the child support he paid for my sister. 50 bucks a month x 12 x 15 years. $9,000.00 for his spit! Well, it’s just something he threw out there for consideration.
He still needs time to decide if he will do this to help me.

He wants to find a way to help me with out giving my sister or my mother the answer to the parternity question. I asked him to set that aside. It looks like he doesn’t know how to do that.

$9,000.00 that is some pricey spit! Anyone feel like stealing a toothbrush or a hair brush? Hey, it’s the midwest you don’t have to break and enter, they’ll let you in and offer you a glass of water. That’s an idea just switch drinking glasses when he’s not looking and then run off with it. He won’t chase you too far! I feel I have a right to his medical information to help my son and future generations. Don’t make me come over there Dad!



  1. How about if I hunt him down and bring you back a kneecap?
    Just kidding. This is so difficult to understand. Someone having to do almost nothing to help so many people.

  2. Tough decision !
    Good luck !

  3. Kitty! YOU ARE SO FUNNY!! My sister and I are doing a sibling test.

    Thanks, Yoann.

  4. Good, so you and your sister don’t even need your dad’s saliva to know if he is the dad?
    That would be cool, then he wouldn’t have that excuse anymore and could just give up the sample.

  5. We will know if she is my full sister. If she isn’t she won’t know who her dad is. Also, we won’t really know 100% but it’s in the 90’s so that’s good enough for me!

  6. You can always say you’re visiting your dad and sneak on into the bathroom .. šŸ™‚ . Hope the result turns out to be what you wanted it to be!

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