Posted by: californiablogging | August 28, 2007

I am taking a sibling test

I scubbed the inside of my cheeks. I didn’t have to do it that hard but damn if I wanted to be the cause of screwing that up. Once I sent in my sample of cheek cells… sister emails me that she is calling them to send the results only to her. We are trying to find out if we are true and full sisters. I want the information for a medical reason regarding my son. My sister has been lied to her life about her paternity. My father denied us his spit, in the name of vengence. He wanted to hold this over my sister and my mother. He doesn’t want to believe he married my mother for a child that was not his. My mother doesn’t want to be sued for the child support she was paid. No one cares too much how this will effect my sister.

I don’t like my situation being tangled in with this drama. I owe my sister the time to sit with the results and maybe dangle them in front of my father as pay back. I admit they are all wicked at times.

I am the good one. Untrustworthy though. I am not too found of keeping track of their lies and I all too often speak the truth and ruin the games. The smart ones compensate and give me a list of what lies told to who and what my response should be if I am confronted. RIDICULOUS!

I am going to give all of my sisters the medical questionaire. Only one is truly needed. If my sister is a true and full sister then she can fax the genetics lab her results ( oh yes she would lie) and they will use her information. Otherwise they can choose one of the two other sisters and I’ll never know.

IRONICALLY, None of this matters becuase as of now…….My ex husbands sister has not fill out the questionaire and she may flat out refuse and we won’t be in the study at all.


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