Posted by: californiablogging | August 30, 2007

I worked on some reshoots…….the movie is out soon…

A while back…
A new director wanted to re shoot some scenes in the opening credits……..
It was in Vegas. We set it up. We spent money. Lots of money.
I hired a friend to pick up a camera and drive it to Vegas. None could be rented there.
We got everyone there. We got permits and cops to come. We got shit about the sidewalks being open to passerbys. We got word he changed his mind. We packed everyone up and brought them home.
My “friend” used the gas card on his own car before returning it to us. I covered and said I approved it because he had to drop something off that the camera company left in the truck and it was found when he turned in the Truck. ( that part was true, also true is I would have approved it) In the end My boss and I split and the dude in vegas was cutting his losses and a tank of gas would have thrown him over the edge. He had to pay some people for the full three days even though they weren’t working even one. OUCH. So the little movie is doing well without the reshoots.

There I posted something and I don’t think it reflects my current mood of My family loves drama and I don’t freakin care about anything other than my airconditioner. OR does it?



  1. Hey Girl,
    I didn’t know you were in the biz. It’s a lot of hurry and do nothing, yes? What’s the movie called? What’s your part in it?

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