Posted by: californiablogging | September 11, 2007

It’s my Birthday

I drank wine. It was red. At Midnight I thought, Please don’t feel bad. So Happy Birthday. I wish I would have done the project that Writer Chick did. Damn me to hell. I’ll try again next year.



  1. Happy Birthday Miss Jen.


    Hey, Max wrote the same exact thing but mine are in CAPS so —

    I really need to update your link. Doing it right now!

  3. Happy Birthday, a tad bit late, I think.

    Hope you’re still celebrating. πŸ™‚

  4. Your birthday is September 11th?
    Happy birthday, Jen. Hope you had some cake with that wine.


    May the next year bring you joy, love, laughter, and total success. Have an exciting journey towards Effortless Limitless Abundance…Oh Yeah!

    Big hugs always,
    Mudd a.k.a. Oza

  6. Thank You All! A Carvel Ice Cream opened up here in Pasadena. I had a cone with sprinkles just like I did when I was kid. Then I got Birthday MONEY! I guess they just could not bring themselves to buy this for me! ( you have to watch the video )
    A toy I put on my wish list I knew I wasn’t getting the Darth Vadder pack pack but damn. The note on one check said….”Do your own shopping!” LOL

  7. OK, I want one. Or two. Those look fun!

  8. Hey Girl,
    Happy birthday – sorry I’m late. I hope the wine was goooooood.

  9. Stiletto, you know I have trouble leaving comments on your blog? I don’t know if it has something to do with my browser or what…

    Jen, those battling sumos are a crack up.

  10. Happy belated B-Day. Hope you had an awesome day! Mmmm .. wine … πŸ™‚

  11. Kitty, I will check the spam folder but no, I had no idea. Sorry to hijack the thread, Birthday Girl, but inquiring minds gotta know – what’s the trouble?

  12. BTW, Jen, those sumo wrestlers on my balcony will be perfect.

  13. No worries on the hijack and by the way your blog is kicking me to curb… what up? Some of the posts look ( not at first but after I try to comment) like it’s all in hyper link.

  14. You can’t beat yourself up over something like that.
    You are judged by your heart.
    And you have heart.
    People know that.

    Hope you had a happy birthday.

  15. I just noticed this on the MAC but not on my Gateway.

  16. You have been missing a long time. This must have been one hell of a birthday hangover.

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