Posted by: californiablogging | September 13, 2007

How kind of her

A kindness I admire

You think sharing so much with the souls of 9-11 I would have signed up for this. I am not whole. I am in transition. I am healing. I did paint for 9-11 and one day I might write for them. Meanwhile, I am in awe of Writerchick and the program she contributes too. I will remember to love life and to live it better for all those that lost theirs on the day I was born. I think the sadness would kill me so I’ll focus on the sense of gratitude they bestowed upon me.

This year it’s Deborah



  1. Hey Girl,
    Thanks for the heads up – but no need to be in awe. We all honor them in the ways that we can. I wish I could do so much more – in the enormity of that day and situation and loss, I think we all feel a little inadequate in what we can do.

    But living and loving your life more is certainly a positive and uplifting way to honor them. I think they smile for this.


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