Posted by: californiablogging | October 6, 2007

Where have I been?

It’s a technology breakdown.  I am unplugged.   Right now I am posting from a strange computer at my sister’s house.  I should go home.  I have the cable company coming over tomorrow.   My internet goes down every time my house phone rings.  I only have a home phone to use my fax machine.   They have been out for this problem already.   I bought the airport extreem and a new phone to help solve this problem and it has not helped.    I am unplugged and it’s ok.    I do feel interupted.   I am spinning, “what was I about to say?”   Something about some suffering or some rare satisfaction .    OH that reminds me……….

 I have a date with my boss on Tues.     



  1. I had a similar problem. It’s likely due to the phone and the router being too close in operating frequencies. Go into the router’s admin. utility and change frequencies to the other end of the spectrum. Good Luck!

  2. a date with your boss?
    do we get details?

  3. Excuse me but did you say a date with your boss?

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