Posted by: californiablogging | October 7, 2007

Check it out, I am not sure if I can rip the photos so I link…. click it

I follow Marc on Twitter. I click on his blog somtimes. For some randome reason I was wondering which bike he bought. When I went to his blog, I found, Life’s Puzzel Which one of these photos is your favorite? I almost like missing kitty the best. They save the best for last. Go see.



  1. Bush… Definitely Bush.

  2. Rip the photos all you like.

    As for the bike, still looking. I’m not entirely comfortable paying $1200 for a bike. I could purchase a segway for around the same cost.

    Still looking. 🙂
    Thanks for remembering.

  3. The one of Cheney got me rolling on the floor.

    where the hell have you been girl!!!!

    Glad you are back. Stay here.

  4. Ohhh l like them all! But I’m partial to Bush!

    Er – GEORGE Bush’s pic, that is. Just clearing up any confusion.

    Missing kitty is cute too.

  5. Oh, and so is above Kitty! h eehee

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