Posted by: californiablogging | October 28, 2007

My internship at a PR firm….. I am a liar.

I talked my way into a coveted internship. I wasn’t the typical college student looking for credits. I really wanted to know how it worked at a PR firm. The guy I suckered into a job is famous in the PR world so I won’t say his name. I will say that he turned me into a world class liar in one day. The first task I had was to create several screen names and leave various positive comments on his clients behalf. So when you go to Amazon or Itunes look below the first five or so reviews to really get a true review. I wanted to impress this man and I wanted to kick ass moving up in the PR world. I didn’t know I had made a deal with the devil. I was to intentionally decieve as many people as possible and yes, “it was a numbers game.”

When I was a young girl a lie would fly out of my mouth and I was forever taking things back and trying to reign myself in. I have a moral code that cuts me absolutely no slack. I knew my internship was going to be one long sleepless night after the other.

Being a great liar is important for writers but it’s for entertainment purposes. I am comfortable here, with this idea. I feel safe all the way through my soul.

Here I am again, on the PR circuit. I am lieing and not for some famous biotch whose book is crap but I need it to sell. I am lieing because I recogise a person who lives in their own illusion. I see that they can only hear in the context of their own world. I could never be honest in their world. What they speak is not my native language and I guess, it just won’t hold my truth.

I need them to see themselves in a good light. I need to call on my PR internship. I need them, not to feel threatened, but to feel comfortable and happy.

I need to say what I must just to get by them. I need to get by.



  1. You are back posting. Yay!

  2. Wow. You must be one smooth talker.

    Interesting story.

  3. Max, Soo you are talking to me. LOL I thought crap, she finally figured out that I am just another Max stalker! : )

    Kitty, I put the bull in bullshit! LOL I connect to their higher self and channel it back to them…..who could resist themselves? No Man, that’s for sure! LOL

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