Posted by: californiablogging | November 1, 2007

Sugar free candy can give you the crappers

Trying to avoid a trip to the dentist.  Trying to stay in my current fat jeans and not bust out of them.  I decide to surround myself with sugar free candy.    I should have went with the gum.  Well, sugar free candy doesn’t taste as bad as it did years ago.   I adjusted pretty quickly to it.  I have a little dish of it right next to the huge cauldron of super goodies.   I’d love to go into the glory of  Hersheys and Halloween memories.   Oh like when I surprised everyone and beat up the big kid stealing pillow cases of candy from the little kids.   Nope , no more details from me.   The noise from my stomache is Grinch like and I know it’s the wrong holiday but it’s Grinch like.   Something evil is happening and I’ve gotto go…..litterally.  Don’t mindlessly eat sugar candy, you’ll get the crappers.  


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