Posted by: californiablogging | November 2, 2007

Day 2 of blo mo and this is how I got ready! Mani Pedi


I guess I am pushing the season with the red toes. Most of the year I have the french tips ( I can’t remember what you call it right now) on my toes. It’s really cute By the way, this is almost the worst picture I have ever posted. Once, I posted my junk drawer on another blog. I don’t think I have opened that drawer since. OMG I am going to go dump that out right now!

I hope I find something good to talk about soon or this will be a long month!



  1. great pedi!! I had wanted to get one before I left today. But then I remembered that no one but the hubby will see my toes in shoes. So I’ll either get one this weekend with my girlfriend or just get one before we go away next week.

    See…blabbing away about nothing isn’t that difficult, after all šŸ˜‰

  2. Nice photos on the kit kat lounge! I owe you a comment but first I need coffee : )

  3. I haven’t had my nails painted in about a year. I’m too jittery to keep polish on for longer than a day.

  4. Yay! Holiday pedicures for everyone!

  5. Speaking of holiday, are you doing holidailies, too?
    That’s two straight months of blogging.

  6. Jen or me?

  7. Max, You’ve blogged everyday for the past year or longer! I mean 99.9999 of the time anyway. AM I write? ( ha ha get it write?)

  8. even on my own blog my name won’t link to my blog?? wtf??/

  9. Yeah, I already blog every day.

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