Posted by: californiablogging | November 4, 2007

Desperate House Wine


I’ve been helping my niece study. (I can hear you laughing! look I don’t make these mistakes with pen and paper, just here it’s weird) Sunday, is a big homework day for us. After I figure out what she’s hiding and what she really has to do and help her stick to it. I ususally want to head on home.

Next thing I know I still there sipping wine with my sister watching Desperate House Wives. I think this is a Bev Mo special because it’s a staple at her house. I am good for the two buck chuck. Oh I have champagne on hand too. I just know I have good news coming. I don’t mind drunk blogging but drunk driving isn’t cool so I have to hang out for a while.

The wine is good, Tv isn’t important but we laugh together and that is. My son gets some quality family time. He defends his cousin at all costs. It’s the cutest thing in the world. If we speak to her in a tone he finds unkind in any way. Like, Chlo go brush your teeth and get ready for bed right now. He’s on us to leave her alone and stop yelling at her. Ahh family time, the fun we have with it.


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