Posted by: californiablogging | November 9, 2007

The first in a series of random situations

Today at my son’s gym I ran into a mom of a gymnastics superstar. I thought the mom would be sad because her husband has a disease. She had been keeping it a secret from her daughter. They both smiled and their happiness felt like waking up on Monday morning.

I asked how things were going and she told me that they announced a new discovery and a cure was found.

I see nothing on the news of this. I have no reason to doubt their sanity. Tonight I will go to sleep believing, I was there when a cure was found in time to save her husband.

Randomly good moment I experienced.



  1. That is incredible, a family hiding a disease from the daughter.
    I would not like my family hiding something like this from me.
    Could it be the daughter found out and they made up this cure story to keep her in the dark a little longer?

  2. Yeah, it really could be. I think they are in that kind of religon. Like believe the cure is here and it has to show up…….

    I tried to get the mom to tell her daughter the truth. Especially before the father starts really showing symptons. Also, the girl is 13 or 14 and that’s old enough for the truth and definetly old enough to be really pissed off for not knowing.

    On the other hand I really like knowing this woman because she’s taking care of someone who is sick and the illness is ( on a cellular level) close to Zach’s problems.

  3. Oh that’s too bad. One of my friends was a missionary in Africa, he refused the treatments for the malaria he contracted, said God was going to heal him. He died from it.
    Really sad sitch.

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