Posted by: californiablogging | November 11, 2007

I happened to be there when…….

I was walking home from school with a new friend. A red headed girl. She really was different from anyone I had ever met. She lived with her mom in the rented out part of someone elses house. This was very strange in Rochester Minnesota. Maybe it was just strange to me. I wasn’t in the habit of walking home but I was spening the night at her house and we were walking to her place. She forgot her keys so we had to stop by house owners work. This is a detour I could not have anticipated and I hope nothing happens that I find myself having to explain why I was there to any parental unit in my life.
Holy crap a real and true adventure. An adventure that sought us out.

I find myself going up in an elevator. We exit and find ourselves in the middle of lab. A lab should be on the ground floor. I just think it really should be. If something blows up shouldn’t we be able to run for our lives? The man with the key seemed very think and confident. He also seemed very friendly to the little red headed girl and I wonder if her mother is actually dating him. We visit him, he foriegn, he’s working in a sectioned off area too big to be a cubby. These fake half walls still leave you feeling you’re in a room surrounded with people all in there own world. A phone is ringing and I think I look at the phone on his desk and it’s not coming from there. A quiet settled like a wave over the room. Everyone was listening and watching this woman taling on the phone. Even our man was watching this woman on the phone.

She hung up the phone and screamed a very happy powerful scream and the shouts of joy traveled the same route as the quiet did. By the time it reached us I was already very excited, I couldn’t help it the whole room was alive.

I looked at my friend she was grinning so much and she finally asked, what happened? The turned to us and said, I just got into Mayo Medical school. This beautiful woman was glowing ten inches beyond her body. I never forgot that moment and I’ve always felt lucky that I just happened to be there.


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