Posted by: californiablogging | November 14, 2007

It’s seems wrong to be write

All this about the writers strike. I clicked by Dancing with the Stars tonight and yep, you could tell the producer is writing the little jokes during the elimination. The host was kind enough to point it out. I’d say that’s one big shout out to the writers.

According to my blog I have already blogged today. How cool!



  1. perhaps once you’re at that level you can strike. at mine, i have to stay motivated so that maybe one day i will be at the level to strike. i don’t know that much about it honestly as I steer clear of the news most days, but i agree that writers deserve their due. an actor is only as good as his writer. how’s the CA weather?

  2. You should stay motivated. I am fan of your writing. I used to believe what you said about actors but it’s not always true. In the indie world really bad writing happens and money is still given some movies are never finished and some are saved by the actors. Bad actors can ruin good writers as well. It’s so unfair but the more rights writers have the more the audience will know if it’s the actor ( producer studio, anyone making changes) or the writer who sucks. Wheather is hot again and I was getting into fall wheather.

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