Posted by: californiablogging | November 15, 2007

What to think about the writers strike….

You have to know someone like this in your life. Uber cool, dead on, and smoking hot. The sexy voice of reason If you comment on her blog, be warned that you just willing stepped into the rope of truth. Max, has super powers. She’ll kick you off if you are stalkerish. It’s really fun, I mean that’s sad how people are.

Max unleashes her power of persuasion. Max on strike but still blogging at Celluliodblonde Max strikes, no, no, not a pose, she’s a writer dope. You’ll find yourself reaching for your higher potential hanging around Max. She inspires, she challenges, she’s always right. I like that. She won’t dumb down for anyone, no man nor studio.

One of her links takes you to another site. I need to read more about the owner/writer of A writer dodging bullets. Interesting dialogue about the stirke form a journalist/blogger point. Things happen in the comments.Writer dodging bullets

Max, also links to Murderati for more insight on the strike. OOH Robert Gregory Browne is a part of MurderatiMurderati Some writers are cross overs. One never knows where writing will take you.

The writers strike is important. If you want control of your creative content ( anything you write or produce) If you want to monteize your work and get fair compensation. You might want to make sure nobody takes it and makes money off it without even a thank you. The strike is important to you. Sure there will be new business models in the entertainment industry. That should not be a reason for producers to be off the hook right now. The music industry went through it. Yep, now there are super brands but also the little guy can get in too.

I have bought certain movies on VHS twice because we wore it out. I bought it again on DVD twice because it can break and now I’ve downloaded them off of Itunes at my house and my sisters. Basically it’s $90.00 for Aladin and The Fox and the Hound. A total of .16 cents for the writers per movie. EVERYTIME Technology changed the studios Made MONEY from me NOT LOST it.



  1. Thank you for linking in, Jen.

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