Posted by: californiablogging | November 20, 2007

Can I skip Christmas?

This is the week we all announce our plans for Christmas and our wish list. Every other year my niece is with her father and so we just don’t put on the same holiday as when she is here. I am thinking why do it at all? I’d rather take Zach on a nice vacation. After Zach got his red bike he has not asked for anything else.

I’ll give him a little tree, some pumkin pie and a little Santa but just a little. I just might give him a day at the spa. They have Spa for kids out here. We used to meet my sister and my niece at the salon, and one time Zach just climed into a chair. So he’s been getting mani and pedis ever since he tried to kick me.

I guess I’ll let Zach decied. If he seem interested and excited then I’ll do Christmas. If not well go snowboarding or something fun for him.

What to do if you don’t do Christmas?



  1. For the last ten years we’ve been going on vacation for Christmas. We hate the holidays.
    I sort of regret that now. Not going to see my family instead.

    Snowboarding sounds fun.

  2. Snowboarding is doing Christmas.

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