Posted by: californiablogging | November 21, 2007

Can I help it if my day is mopre than 24 hours long?

How do I respond to someone who asks me if I think I am responsible for my life? He’s baiting me into a political discussion. Just because I am responsible for my life and my son’s life doesn’t make me capable. I am very liberal in my beliefs. But In my choices and actions I am very very conservative. WHAT?? OH I do step out now and then but my daily life is a devoted single mother who keeps on a budget. I give up somethings to have others. I only have to do this for four more years and then my income won’t be held against my son’s ability to get medical insurance. Now I am used to getting resentment from people. This guy is a republican he’s a financial adviser he also has a lifetime achievement from an international charity. What can I say to the irony there?


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