Posted by: californiablogging | January 5, 2008

I am home and should be around for a while

I am addicted to watching Snoop Dog on the E Channel.   It makes me laugh so hard and I keep it on my DVR until I get the next episode.

I’ve been away.  I’ve been watching old fav movies on big screen TVs.

I went another year on top of my finances.   I am irritated a couple of expensive gifts didn’t make it home with me but nothing I have to go buy right away.

I’ve got over two hundred followers on Twitter.   I might actually connect my cell phone to it and post from the rode.   I have unlimited texting so why not.

A man (I was once engaged to him) text me, he was in town and I thought it was my fav booty call.  It was a big mistake.   I figured it out just in time to spare myself humliation and laugh myself into the ground. I never met him and his boyfriend for drinks.
Everytime I felt sad about my grandfathers death I ate something chocolate.

I ordered the ab cruncher and I am using it as a foot rest right now. : )

Zach turns 14 on Friday.   He’s walking consistently now and can wear UGG boots without damaging his foot.

That’s the highlights and a recap.    I had been lurking for a while but then I just got consumed by reality and was off the internet.  I’ve got lots to catch up on.



  1. Um, did you say, him and his boyfriend?

  2. Yeah, I’ve turned a couple of guys gay. I did steal a girl from an ex boyfriend once and it was awesome!

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