Posted by: californiablogging | January 6, 2008

I forgot I was shopping on Amazon……

I can’t stop myself  from shopping on Amazon. I think I am  trying to compensate for something.  Fill a void or something.  Well, I do need a birthday gift pronto.  I start shopping and it leads to a google and then I’ve Twittering about it and well…….. I’m Internet A. d. d. or something.   
The great thing is the reviews and then comparison shopping.  Store pick up might be just what I need.  I can get it online and pick it up with a good parking spot saved for me too.  That way Zach won’t see me buy it and I am not home waiting for the mail.  
I am thinking about …… Yikes, confession……. Not telling him it’s his birthday.  ha ha ha   He doesn’t know and I can just hold off until his party and then just say Happy Birthday.    Is this too Irish gypsy of me?    Maybe it’s just a mom who can’t live with the guilt, the pain of imperfection and all.  
There is still time I could with a few miracles pull this off.  Oh yeah, Amazon shopping was for back up.  I better go finish clicking ……   


  1. Happy birthday to Zach!

    Don’t feel bad, I think Blane is waiting on my gift to come in the mail so I’ll get it late. I could be wrong, but I told him what I wanted a couple of days ago. He orders everything online.

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