Posted by: californiablogging | January 6, 2008

Who would steal from Zachary?

I am still burning trying to figure out who stole Zach’s Nintendo Ds lite and my ipod nano at Christmas.  ( I know people loose things and get all messed up during stress but even when I am a mess I am an organized mess) I still will allow it to show up.   In case some guilt kicks in.  I blame the house keeper because she is mean and she did get collection calls on her cell phone so loud I heard them across the room.  Also, I can’t be so mad at anyone closer to us.  The truth is My son’s trust fund was closed and he is not getting any money.  I think it’s sad that it turned out that way.   Everyone in my family knows that the wishes of my grandparents were to take care of Zach.    I think I am channeling some anger about this into the missing nintendo player.  I hate to buy the same thing twice.  ALso Mon. is Zach birthday and I thought he’d be happily playing his new video game and be happy with smaller gifts.  Anger sucks.  I hate theives especially those who steal from the weak and innocent.   



  1. That is disgusting, stealing from children, sick children. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I thought thieves had a better code than that.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. Someone stole one of Loke’s toys one time and I was enraged.

  3. That’s REALLY messed up!!!! Can you confront the housekeeper? Oh never mind – that is, if you’ve seen the movie Storytelling.

    But seriously – for you, I wish that person:
    – Finds flies in their fried rice
    – Has their car stolen and taken to a chop shop
    – Gets tons of irreversible premature wrinkles

    Mind you, these are my personal fears, but I’m sure they make up part of a universal nightmare.

  4. My sister ordered a replacement already. I felt so bad for him I bought him the Iphone ( he used his birthday money too) He also got the Zebra stripped bed comforter he wanted.

    I don’t mind liars too much but thieves really do make my blood boil. I do like your fears, I cast them out to the thieves too. Bastages!

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