Posted by: californiablogging | January 8, 2008

Good Parking Karma!

I parked in the loading zone to get my kid and the nanny into the Disney store.   I kept starring at my car.  I didn’t want to pay $15 bucks for 1hour of parking.  I didn’t know they would validate for parking in the ramp across the street.  ( Hollywood and Highland)  The taxi driver was having a fit.  I guess he thinks he owns the loading zone.  I do have a handicap plaque and need to use it at times.  Not Always!I did wonder if I could get in and out of the store in short enough time to avoid a ticket. It just wasn’t gonna happen.  I just needed to move my car.  I just knew it.    It’s all in the timing, it’s all in the gut.  I stood up and said it’s time to move the car.   I got in the car and rolled up the block and hit the one meter there.  One meter on this little  half  block just before the light.   I had walked out and moved my car just in time to pull into the covetted spot just when it became open.  Don’t ya just love it!  I got back into the Disney soda fountain just in time for Zach to get his bowl of cherries and a round of Zipity do dah Zipp it te ay, my oh my what a wonderful birthday.  ( I don’t really know the song)   They pinned a Birthday button on Zach!   Awesome!    Wasn’t I just in the right place at the right time?  Good Parking Karma says, YES!!!



  1. That is exactly how things should be for Prince Zach on his birthday. Yay!
    (We used to be Disney Store addicts)
    I still love that place.

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