Posted by: californiablogging | January 8, 2008

Where is the best place for breakfast served after noon?

I love having breakfast down at the beach.   It’s especially nice when you are slightly hung over.   Back in the day I wen to this tiny little French place…. Le petite cafe.  ( I think)  It was just between Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach.  I don’t know exactly  I just remember you had to keep your eyes peeled or you’d miss.   Damn it was worth it even in all that Saturday morning pain.    I don’t get the ocean breeze here in Pasadena.  I can see snow capped mountains while parking under palm trees.   I really love this time of year in California.   It’s clear skies.    A little drive for a hearty breakfast would be nothing but fun.    OH but would the boy eat anything there?  Are the pancakes white?  I can’t remember.   I’ve taken him to Miss Emily’s in Eagle Rock and he won’t eat a damn thing there but the toast.  Miss Emily’s is run my some old time rocker ( not sure who)  it’s got a european flare to it.  I understand the place, the love of breakfast.  My kid isn’t there yet.   His idea of a good breakfast place is Mickie D’s  and well he isn’t all wrong.  The coffee is right up there with Dunkin Donuts coffee.     We have two awesome ok three awesome places for Breakfast but I don’t like making reservations for breakfast, That’s dangerous!     I can’t take this anymore I am going out and find some good breakfast grub. : ) 



  1. You’ve really tugged at my heart this morning and made me long for California. Sigh.

    Oh. And breakfast. I’m friggin’ hungry now!

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