Posted by: californiablogging | January 9, 2008

Jenny McCarthy tonight

Louder Than Words is her new book on  healing her autistic son. I liked the book.  She went through many of the same challenges that I have.  Some of the same doctors even.I had a dream I got in a fight with her friends.  I know some of them and they are hard core autism activist.  They will yell at you that you are poisoning your child if you don’t keep them on a strict gluten free ( basically wheat) and cassien free ( basically dairy)  diet.  In fact I have already fought with them.   I am so irritated lately that I don’t want to run into these kinds of assholes.On the other hand I need something to rejuvenate my journey here across the autism spectrum.  My brother had it long before the now 14 years of living with it in Zachary.    I have resistance to going tonight.  I suppose I will push through and see if it’s evil forces at work trying to hold me back from something good or will my next post be about following my instincts ?    



  1. I didn’t know Jenny’s son has autism, nor did I realize there was such a huge and venemous dissent among the autism community.

  2. Her lates book Louder than words is all about Evan’s autism and her battle healing it. The autism community and the spectrum of people with autism have all been pushed and challenged because there are no real answers yet.

  3. I haven’t read McCarthy’s book and, I admit, I have no itention of doing so. In my humble opinion– the last thing my son needs is to believe he needs to be fixed/cured. My little guy (his family, therapists, teachers, community) needs to work hard so that he can function happily in a world that doesn’t understand him and that he doesn’t understand– we focus on treatment– not cure.

    Of course I would love for him not to have to deal with the challenges that he faces– an end to Autism would be amazing!

    Dietary changes are not the answer for my son. How do you cut out wheat and dairy in a child who only eats white food? We tried for only one day and he ate nothing. I think the people who are screaming about diet should live a day in the shoes of the kids who are tremendously picky eaters… texture, color or smell is revolting to some of these kids.

    Maybe they forget that Autism is a spectrum with so many shades that no two are identical.

  4. I am glad you left this comment. She admits it won’t work for everyone. The book still maybe a comfort to you as it was to me. My son did not get the benefits from the diet but I stay tuned and part of the community. A community that needs to realize we are all on the same side somehow. Many great you tube videos are made my kids/ people with autism explaiing how the word cure offends them so…. I especially one they made describing symptoms and the end of the vid. you see it’s Bill gates they’ve been showing. LOL If you don’t have to do the diet if you don’t want to. Many people have kids who won’t eat for days and then they get the results. It’s hard and for me it landed my son in the hospital on IVs’ I’ve found my son has more than autism and he needs to eat every three hours or things get too hard on his energy stores. Mytochondrial disorder…. Jenny really promotes mothers using their intuition and listening to your children. Yeah she promotes the diet but there are other things that might help your child. I can’ t say I have lived a day in your shoes but you can check out my videos of my son on You Tube and you might agree that I do know how hard it is. If you tried the diet for one day that makes me think you had reason to. I do the diet 80/20 It isn’t a cure for me so damn it I let him eat cake at birthday parties! These changes are sometimes made in the tiniest steps and over years if need be. Don’t be hard on yourself. By all means avoid the extremists. You’ll find links on my blog roll for Jippy Jabber You Tube or Zachary wins again. You mention revolting smell and I wonder does your child gag and vomit? There is a cyclic vomiting syndrom or other things you maybe dealing with. Stay strong and keep demanding compassion and understanding!

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