Posted by: californiablogging | January 9, 2008

What the African American lady said

I am not a racist.   It wasn’t easy to be so open minded and enlightened with some bigots in my  family and going to the school in the south.  I had some ignorance to get over but there was never hate.     During the riots I had a set back living on a military base in Long Beach Ca.   I saw a black man beat his wife terribly, brutally.  I tried to hose him down with a garden hose to get past them to reach the crying baby left alone during this attack.   I saved the baby but I was scared of him and it took me a while to shake.   I did shake it though. 
Tonight an African American woman came to home with a survey for me to sign.   We belong to the same union for home health care workers.   I am not a full fledged member  of the union but they get money from me because they think they should. They are probably right.  
What she said was……  We gotta keep some of this money for us.  We can’t let the college educated white people take it all for themselves.   ( ok, so if you know me I am laughing my butt off right now)   My mind just spins on how to reply to that.  I said, yeah not to mention the college educated black, people right???  Holy Shit!   I mean do your race a favor and at least promote your better educated folk.   
My point to her is….we are on the same team.  It has nothing to do with the color of her skin or mine.  Good educated people are fighting for our rights.    She should not think of it as a black vs. white battle.   It’s not relevant.    I acquiesce it’s still out there, African Americans have to deal with it. I really really want to say it’s not relevant in this day and age.  However, I am with you sister, I am just saying that  in my home, your skin and your education level  isn’t relevant.   
What is lovely to me is that you walked all the way up here, dark lady, you walked up the rickety steps to come see me.  To get my name and number.  To be so on my side, you didn’t see me as white, I had to point it out to you.  You felt my welcome and you came in and we will fight together.  Finally, I see beauty in the fight.  A fight for the kids and the seniors wanting to live at home, needing only a little assistance.   
The job is hard my friends and it destroys  us to see others suffer. What’s left of  us won’t see them suffer alone. 


  1. You are a good woman, Jen.

  2. No, I am just morbidly afraid of guilt. : )

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