Posted by: californiablogging | January 11, 2008

Another Jumper

We have  a lovely  bridge here in Pasadena.  Today we had another jumper.  Some tortured guy slashed his wife and took off.  He got to Pasadena and headed for the bridge.  The cops could not stop him.  Also in the same news tonight was a 26 year old women with a gun shot wound to her her head was able to say her father shot her and her mother.   
I go to that Bridge sometimes and I remember an autistic boy and mother who also jumped from there.  Then I suck it up and deal with my nightmare.    


  1. I have spent time in Pasadenal. I do not remember any bridges.

  2. Do not forget the father in Alabama who dropped his four kids off a bridge.

    I’m pretty sure it was a bridge.

  3. Very sad.

  4. If you google suicide bridge of route 66 you’ll get a picture of it. It’s on Colorado blvd. going over the arrow secco. Easy to miss, unless at night the gas lights make it really pretty. It’s closed a couple times a year for parties. It’s said to be haunted as is Rialto theatre in South Pas.

  5. Hey, coincidentally [while looking up Ledger stuff] I found your suicide bridge!

  6. That is a great view of the place where they are putting up condos! Right under the bridge. Who wants to be TV and look out and see someone fling themselves over the bridge??

  7. I could cancel cable and save one hundred and thirty a month.

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