Posted by: californiablogging | January 13, 2008

Oh my god I have a rock star cousin!

Ironic because I used to lie and say I was related to Steve Perry.   I also told my school mates my great great granddad was Comadore Perry.   The best one was when I said an elephant stepped on my foot when really I had run across a board of nails in a yard that clearly didn’t want trespassers.   Oh how they tired to get me back…….  he he he At my grandfathers funeral we discovered an uncle and his son, who had a son in Hollywood in a band!  How fun is that!!!   Now that I told you what a big fat liar I was out of island boredom.  I have to get you to believe this…Recently I was on homework duty with my niece.   As one of her treats I wanted to take Chloe and Zach to an Irish pub.  Something I think I need to do with them because it’s just so much  more fun on St. Patricks Day when you really feel apart of the green scene.    Also, my grandma isn’t here to do it and it’s a void in my life.   So I found Molly Malones online and I checked it out down to the menu  and some of the bands on the calandar.  I  almost put one of the songs from one of the bands on myspace.  I just loved the name of the band, because as much as I try to be up on the wine of the year, I am just a whiskey drinker at heart.  ( EVERYONE WILL BELIEVE THAT PART)  So dang it if my cousins band isn’t named, Bourbon Country,  I had already listened to two of their songs long ago. They are playing tonight at Molly Malones in LA.  My sister and bro in law are there now streaming live via Iphone.  If the whiskey isn’t enough  to make the family connection.  Try this one on……. His name is Mike “purple” Hayes!    I love it!   LOL  PS my sister said, he played with some famous people but I would have to confirm before I …… well you know how we are.   



  1. Cool. You know you have to go see the band now.

  2. Streaming live via iPhone?
    Man, I need to pimp my new phone. I didn’t know it could do video.

  3. Kitty! You got the Iphone! YAY! We were not streaming video just audio. The next generation are rumored to be video phones. I am not sure if I should bring it up at all because of the strike but it’s not immpossible to watch tv on it either. Boycott downloaded tv!!!

    I gave the nanny a notice that I need a night out..damn she’s a biotch about it but it will happen.

  4. It’s always nice to have musicians in the family!

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