Posted by: californiablogging | January 16, 2008

I survived a four year audit from Social Security.

Thank you American Tax Payers! 
I hope they make asking about pre existing conditions  illegal for  insurance companies.   Because I can not buy medical insurance for my son, I rely on Social Security disability to qualify him for medicare.   Until my son turns 18 every dollar I make, and everything I own can be used to deny him social security benefits.  Just for a shot at some dignity here….. His father was in the military for ten years. My family pays taxes and everyone has contributed financial towards Zach’s therapies and happiness.
During the audit they inspect every account, every dime I make and spend.   I am allowed some money from some sources. Services from other government or social programs are not counted against Zachary.  Even though it’s immaterial it’s still audited.  Child support is counted against Zachary and people wonder why I don’t really go after his dad?  During the audit if you are missing a receipt for anything, your worker will make up an amount higher than the average number you have shown.  
I was audited six months ago but for some reason, it didn’t register and here I am with stacks of files.   Hoping this time it would take.   It’s not fun.   
I did find out that there has been some changes in the laws.  I am allowed to go to school. I can even get grants nad loans for school.  I can use this money to move into an apartment on the first floor.  Try carrying a wheel chair and a growing teenager up and down a flight of stairs! I can do anything with the money, except save it or make interest off of it.   And next year when Zach is 15 he’s allowed to save money for school and attend vocational programs.    And when he’ s 18 I won’t be subject to this kind of life anymore.   I am in the home stretch baby!     
By the way, I got an $1,800. dollar penalty.     


  1. That is great news that you get to go to school.

    So now you have to pay $1800?
    That sucks.

  2. It does suck to have to pay but at least it is over with and I can move on and do productive things with my life.

  3. Great story. I originally blogged about your article back in January. It is good to revisit it.

  4. I’m dealing with an overpayment issue and this office is not helping us!! I’m hoping that when I move to CA in a few weeks that I will find a different group of attitudes. I hope. I can’t afford $7000 for each kid, for a mistake that I didn’t even cause because they were given paystubs every month. How is it ok that they do not have to correct their own mistakes? Maybe if they were there would be a lot less overpayments.

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