Posted by: californiablogging | January 21, 2008

I getting a new TV

I am getting a new TV.   I am  getting something HD.   I don’t want something too huge.  I thought a 26 inch would be big enough but I am getting a no vote on that from my little sis.  I think hers is 47 inch about the size of her fire place.  I don’t want a movie screen for a TV.   I do want one with a USB port.  Anyone have a TV with a USB port?  That could be so much fun.     
I live in an apartment and I have a child that needs to watch tv to help get him over some pain.   I think if the tv is too big it might become too much for him.  Maybe too much for him to resist on better days.   I won’t be able to block it out.   
I am taking my time finding the right tv.  I have to get a good deal on something  that will last for a couple of years.  


  1. My son got a used HD 25 inch tv off Craigslist for dirt cheap. It’s not a flatscreen, I think that’s why he got such a good deal.

    I have no idea if it has a USB port. There are various adaptors you can hook just about anything into a tv’s. I have one where I could attach my iPod to any tv in the house and one of them is over 7 years old.

    As for what is best for Zach? I can’t see why a big tv would make him want to watch too much of it.
    Endless channels on there, now that would turn a lot of people into couch potatoes.

  2. He is visual is strange ways. I like that craigslist idea. I have the hosp. next two days. I’ve been doing medical surveys all night tonight. I am going to enjoy chasing a good deal on a tv.

  3. Let me know what you end up with, I’ve been thinking about a new one myself. kim

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