Posted by: californiablogging | January 21, 2008

I took my sister to the bank

My sister’s name was not on one single bank account, credit card or on the house.   Big man felt like he could do whatever he wanted.  Including posting profiles online.   He got busted and we got real.   He’s taking the get out of jail free card,  ” internet addiction.”   The cheating bro in law tried to get her to ditch me, but I said,” Oh hell no!  I am going to the bank with you. ”    He was shaking and I thought that was a good sign.   My sister gave me a secret thumbs up.   I don’t care if little sis decides to work it out with him or if she leaves when she thinks it’s a good time to go.  She won’t be left with nothing and feeling powerless.  She won’t make this a financial decision.   He has a problem, can it be fixed?   I know one thing, he won’t get away with it anymore.    Our older sister is flying out here and he’ll have to deal with her too.   He’s got no family and has no idea what it’s like when people rally around you during hard times.I’ll help him.  I’ll help him stay on the straight and arrow.   I’ve found pictures of his online friends and printed out his picture next to his profile.   I’ll be photoshopping them into local papers and sending them to him as a reminder that this shit will not leave  and will follow him forever.    As long as he is married to my sister I’ll be providing moral support for him.     That’s what sisters do. 


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