Posted by: californiablogging | January 30, 2008

NBC is stupid!

I got a notice via charter communications that I violated the copyright laws of NBC Studios.  ummm I watched movie trailers on ITunes to pick out  what movie to purchase and download!   You know what I buy the friggin dvd’s and then I download them I waste money on that shit all the time. Sometimes I actually see the movie in a theatre too.   I can buy the bootlegs for five bucks outside the 7-11 any friggin day!  I did it once before we knew what bootleg dvd was.   I also bought the real dvd of that movie.   In the letter they want to blame it on the minor in the house.   I’d like to see them try.  I know why this happened.  I had my back up hard drive connected to my computer on that day.  I have to take some movies off my computer when I download new ones because I have BOUGHT so frigging many of them.   They think they are so slick with their anti piracy shit and guess what …… it’s no wonder people get away with it!  I am going to file my own complaint about this.  I have nothing better to do than to tell them to off.I am innocent! 



  1. It sounds like they really want you to change your dvd buying habits and focus on non-traceable sources, like the corner bootlegs.

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