Posted by: californiablogging | March 4, 2008

15 minutes of collective consciouness

I felt it.  It was thrilling!   I was in the group that a black out but my twitter kept on going and we had seen enough to have an interesting texting flame about religious /fear.   
I know it’s not easy to integrate new ideas into your religion.    I think it’s easier to slip some religion into new ideas.    I really feel compassion for the people who feel threatened.  It was a painful process leaving years of Catholic school behind me.   
It gets old this pushy fussy energy and the panic.   I say go ahead skip Eckhart Tolle then.   Just find your own way to find your life’s purpose.  The world will be a better place for it.  If your religion takes you to your best life then be happy there and share that with people.   Your joy! 

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