Posted by: californiablogging | March 25, 2008

Premieres Tonight on HBO Autism The Musical 8pm/7C on demand after Wednesday

I used to take Zachary to the Joey Travolta school of acting for special needs kids.    Well, I think it was meant to be something like a school of acting but now it’s acting camps and school inservices.  It’s really nice to seem them going into a school and giving hope and having fun with troubled kids and kids with special needs.   They still have the program at Zach’s school and I think it’s one of the better things I have accomplished in my life.   The truth is……it was all Zach.  He was literally discovered  in a Starbucks in Burbank just down the street from Warner Bros studios.     
I love coffee and Zach loves coffee stir sticks.   Zach was spotted at the starbucks and invited to join an acting class fun by Joey Travolta and friends.   It was just getting off the ground and I was willing to give it a try.   While I was there I met another mother with an autistic son that was pursuing acting and film making for her son.    While the Joey T school has become a traveling camp.   The mom I met went on to find an extraordinary school for her son, and she is one of the producers of  Autism The Musical.    
This is a documentary about some children with special needs and friends putting on a musical.  
I love this because, acting is so good for our kids and so far away from the stereotypes of autism.  
Check Out HBO tonight at 8pm/7c  or HBO on Demand after Wednesday.     


  1. Zach is so Hollywood. Who else gets discovered in a coffee shop a few blocks from a studio these days?

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