Posted by: californiablogging | April 27, 2008

My Trip to the Oprah Show for A New Earth From O message board


It was AWESOME! I loved every part of it. Me and my ego will tell our take on the subject and that’s the best I can do. You get dropped off Harpo studios and you line up outside the building everyone is a buzz. Everyone, looks fantastic the windy city is no challenge for these dedicated Oprah fans! Everyone has their copy of A New Earth, so you feel like you are amongst the most sacred village, Oprah/Tolle people. There is an excitement in the air and everyone smiles at you. I was looking for my party and that was difficult because I’d never met them in person before. Oprah’s team had the line moving and they have their job down. Line up get your id’s out and your reservation ready. What is the name of your party and how many are in it? They take your coat, cell phone,cameras, pens, papers and then search your purse. I was told I had too much stuff in my purse and they were keeping the whole thing. I got a little chuckle out of that and OK, Trust me you don’t negotiate with Oprah security. Next thing you know you are in the “audience green room” ( it’s yellow) and I know Oprah sometimes listens in to that room before the show. I hope I wasn’t caught checking out some of these women. I am sorry but they were human works of ART in that room. I clung to the tube of lip gloss Oprah’s security let me ( uh suggested) I take with me. I tried to quiet my ego laughing over my homemade dye job. I won’t get into this but don’t try to dye your eyebrows yourself the night before you go to the Oprah show. It’s not good. I admit I am spoiled right now and hooked on the LIve Web Casts. I think I was expecting something of this to happen. My notes we retrieved for me after being confiscated. Hey, an Oprah producer had to rummage through my purse to find my notes. I know that sounds strange but any interaction is at an heightened awareness. Like when you realize that is Dean running around and that’s not Reggie putting powder on Oprah’s nose. It’s just like that, and here she is everybody, everyone grasps in air as if to take in the Oprah molecules. She starts talking and things start happening and you are a good ways into it before you realize that they are tapping the show. Eckhart was not there but Elizabeth Lesser was and a couple of other guests. It was a lovely show. I wanted more. I am so glad that the class are still going on! I want a chance to Thank Jenny McCarthy for taking me from “An Autism mom “to “A New Earth Mom!” I just love this I am glad it’s still happening! I believe that Oprah and her wonderful team filled the audience with A New Earth readers so it was open and friendly to the guests and comments they they may inspire. Oh yes my message board friends, some of us will be very happy tomarrow after watching the show! You just might get your religion back! Thank you Oprah! I started to raise out of my seat to give Oprah a standing O! She’s reading these boards alright! You will love this people! Go ahead and figure it out in the comments. So it’s ending and you realize you just watched the show be tapped and the intros and the cut tos and camera stuff happened and then you think, wow! that is a stage she’s on and she isn’t in my living room after all. After that they do the audience bit. Did I tell you about the cards you fill out in the yellow colored green room? You fill out cards with your information on it and then a question pertaining to the show. and they pick some and maybe Oprah calls out to you. OR you stand up and say something. One dude stood up and stood up and was sure he had karma with Oprah, ummmm like we don’t ?? Then he says he’s meant to be her friend and you think stalker. It was sad because he really did have a story to tell and in a way we all feel like we are meant to be Oprah’s friend, don’t we? LOL For those who know me and Twitter with me…..I got off the plane and had to take Zach to the ER we just got out of the hospital but while we were there the docs all asked “how was Oprah” So it was a fun thing to talk about and share with others. Thanks to everyone who helped me with a question.



  1. Wow, sounds like you had an amazing time. Hope Zach is feeling better.


  2. That rocks Jen I am so glad you had fun at the show.

  3. Jen, I am so glad you got to go on that show. Thanks for sharing and I hope Zach is doing better.

  4. […] My Trip to the Oprah Show for A New Earth From O message board « California Blogging […]

  5. Ratify says : I absolutely agree with this !

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  7. Very cool! (Except for the ER part.)

  8. I enjoyed your journey story. Did you see over the weekend that Oprah’s support of The New Earth book has earned her a big publicity backlash from the Christian right? They’ve put alot of money into ads and articles telling people to be wary of her emphasis on “New Thought”, that she’s leading people away from the REAL Christianity. But the article said that 70% of Americans believe there is more than one pathway to God. Hurray for spiritual democracy.

  9. What a very cool experience! Thanks for the detailed account of your day on with O!

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