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Vision Boards The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

For more info on the book your ‘Vision Collage’ go to Or email the author Joyce Schwarz at Joyce Schwarz, author, THE VISION BOARD book, Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design, fall, 2008 — You can get a free newsletter and other freebies even prior to the launch of the book! Check it all out here. It’s a very impressive website that should inspire you to create your own Vision Board. What are you dreaming about? To pre-order the book go here Learn how you can use,

Joyce Schwarz has authored a beautiful book

Joyce Schwarz has authored a beautiful book

VISIONS OF FAMILY & can you harness the power of a Vision Board to improve your relationships with family, friends and colleagues, find out ore in the upcoming book “THE VISION BOARD” by author, speaker and producer, Joyce Schwarz, published by Collins Design, Harper Collins Publishing, fall, 2008!



  1. Just stopping by to say, “Hi!” How are you?

  2. Exciting to know this book will hit the stores on October 28th! What a difference it can make with knowledge, guidance and an array of examples of Vision Boards and defining images.

  3. Merry Christmas, you!

  4. Кто когда спать ложится? Я раньше часу двух ночи не ложусь.

  5. Слышал продолжение телепузиков снимают

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