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Vote for Max

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Vision Boards The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

For more info on the book your ‘Vision Collage’ go to Or email the author Joyce Schwarz at Joyce Schwarz, author, THE VISION BOARD book, Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design, fall, 2008 — You can get a free newsletter and other freebies even prior to the launch of the book! Check it all out here. It’s a very impressive website that should inspire you to create your own Vision Board. What are you dreaming about? To pre-order the book go here Learn how you can use,

Joyce Schwarz has authored a beautiful book

Joyce Schwarz has authored a beautiful book

VISIONS OF FAMILY & can you harness the power of a Vision Board to improve your relationships with family, friends and colleagues, find out ore in the upcoming book “THE VISION BOARD” by author, speaker and producer, Joyce Schwarz, published by Collins Design, Harper Collins Publishing, fall, 2008!

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My painting / collage is getting published

Strange things keep happening to me….. One of my paintings that I put some stickers on and made into a collage is getting put into a book. I am going to find out if I could or should post the painting. The funny thing is I was just about to throw out all of my paintings so I could clean my carpet easier! LOL The book is a coffee table book called The Vision Board published by Harper Collins Design.

How this came to be is a pretty funny story. I met Lisa FM for lunch, we became friends after meeting at the Oprah show. Another one of her friends was supposed to meet us for lunch too but she didn’t because she was on a deadline for her book. Lisa and I were doing a live chat on Twitter during lunch to promote her Cards of Destiny Twitter.

I had ZACHARY’S I phone with me to use to find the place……… I had taken a photo of the collage on his camera just goofing around. I showed it to Lisa, who then emailed it to her friend and when I got home I had Mail telling me to send her a high rez copy and it was going in the book!

The truth is Zach and I get creative and we played with the stickers and threw them out ….
I had to try to re-create the collage and find out the hard way that you can’t easily get a high rez scan of a 20 by 24 painting on canvas. I hope the good version gets in the book and not the one that got altered and turned out too gold. I am trusting that they’d want the better image in the their book but what the hell do I know…….. The book closes today and goes to the printer on Mon. I wrote an email explaining the collage to the book’s author. Little did I know at the time that, THAT is what is going to be in the book as well. School of life my friends! School of life…….

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The Memory Theif is Now Showing!

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My Trip to the Oprah Show for A New Earth From O message board


It was AWESOME! I loved every part of it. Me and my ego will tell our take on the subject and that’s the best I can do. You get dropped off Harpo studios and you line up outside the building everyone is a buzz. Everyone, looks fantastic the windy city is no challenge for these dedicated Oprah fans! Everyone has their copy of A New Earth, so you feel like you are amongst the most sacred village, Oprah/Tolle people. There is an excitement in the air and everyone smiles at you. I was looking for my party and that was difficult because I’d never met them in person before. Oprah’s team had the line moving and they have their job down. Line up get your id’s out and your reservation ready. What is the name of your party and how many are in it? They take your coat, cell phone,cameras, pens, papers and then search your purse. I was told I had too much stuff in my purse and they were keeping the whole thing. I got a little chuckle out of that and OK, Trust me you don’t negotiate with Oprah security. Next thing you know you are in the “audience green room” ( it’s yellow) and I know Oprah sometimes listens in to that room before the show. I hope I wasn’t caught checking out some of these women. I am sorry but they were human works of ART in that room. I clung to the tube of lip gloss Oprah’s security let me ( uh suggested) I take with me. I tried to quiet my ego laughing over my homemade dye job. I won’t get into this but don’t try to dye your eyebrows yourself the night before you go to the Oprah show. It’s not good. I admit I am spoiled right now and hooked on the LIve Web Casts. I think I was expecting something of this to happen. My notes we retrieved for me after being confiscated. Hey, an Oprah producer had to rummage through my purse to find my notes. I know that sounds strange but any interaction is at an heightened awareness. Like when you realize that is Dean running around and that’s not Reggie putting powder on Oprah’s nose. It’s just like that, and here she is everybody, everyone grasps in air as if to take in the Oprah molecules. She starts talking and things start happening and you are a good ways into it before you realize that they are tapping the show. Eckhart was not there but Elizabeth Lesser was and a couple of other guests. It was a lovely show. I wanted more. I am so glad that the class are still going on! I want a chance to Thank Jenny McCarthy for taking me from “An Autism mom “to “A New Earth Mom!” I just love this I am glad it’s still happening! I believe that Oprah and her wonderful team filled the audience with A New Earth readers so it was open and friendly to the guests and comments they they may inspire. Oh yes my message board friends, some of us will be very happy tomarrow after watching the show! You just might get your religion back! Thank you Oprah! I started to raise out of my seat to give Oprah a standing O! She’s reading these boards alright! You will love this people! Go ahead and figure it out in the comments. So it’s ending and you realize you just watched the show be tapped and the intros and the cut tos and camera stuff happened and then you think, wow! that is a stage she’s on and she isn’t in my living room after all. After that they do the audience bit. Did I tell you about the cards you fill out in the yellow colored green room? You fill out cards with your information on it and then a question pertaining to the show. and they pick some and maybe Oprah calls out to you. OR you stand up and say something. One dude stood up and stood up and was sure he had karma with Oprah, ummmm like we don’t ?? Then he says he’s meant to be her friend and you think stalker. It was sad because he really did have a story to tell and in a way we all feel like we are meant to be Oprah’s friend, don’t we? LOL For those who know me and Twitter with me…..I got off the plane and had to take Zach to the ER we just got out of the hospital but while we were there the docs all asked “how was Oprah” So it was a fun thing to talk about and share with others. Thanks to everyone who helped me with a question.

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We won a trip to Dreams Come True at Disney! YAY!

OH  more good things!  I nominated Zachary to go to a Dreams Come True Party at Disney.   I went to a website for ABC 7 to look for a poster contest to link to a friend.   I can upon the a contest for Dream Come True Party.   We get to go to the Party!  I am a winner!  It’s at Disney after the park is closed.  There will be a ceremony to give away DREAMS!  I hope Zach gets his dream!  I think going to the party will be a dream come true!    Happy Times!    Now if only I can get this to post!  

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A group got together to make good happen for me.

How silly!  I have been spoiled by my family.  Surely I was looking for a way out but they would not let me take it.  Dad got the airfare, bro got me room with Hilton points. Sister babysitting ( with nanny and Bff stoping by)  Mom sending up cash for cabs and fun stuff.   Just maybe a sister will fly in and meet me there cause damn it, even after all that …….I had one complaint left….I don’t want to go alone.   I need a travel buddy.    I can be very shy sometimes.  LOL    It’s nice to have this when I am on the upside of it all.  So many times I’ve had this because my son has been so ill and we need everyone for something boring like survival!  
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Going to the Oprah show and I won’t have to say one word!

“invited audience member”   How cool is that??  I was really worried that I’d be expected to be coherent in some way.    I am reading the book and participating in the book club but for me it’s an abstract experience.      I am in the NOW because I don’t get proper sleep and I can’t organize myself to be anywhere else.     Besides even the rules of grammer and spelling feel like an empending doom of some ugly authority.    In some way this must be the flip side of some egotictical mind trip.   
Another truth is that I don’t care about much if it won’t directly heal and end my son’s suffering.  I can be in the now and see him as a soul with his own path to take and then with out the ego making up some fun roles to play it’s FREAKING BORING!     I don’ t want to be a flower.   Hey, this is just where I am at.  How to animate my true essense with out it being a role my ego plays.    IF this is just the school of life…..lets just say, I  aint the teachers pet.  
I don’t know if I can go.   I have a ticket to the show, as a “Thank you from Oprah.”  Nifty!  I have a plane ticket, from my father. I have a fancy hotel room from my borther’s mass Hilton points.   Lets see if I can get past the next two hurdles.   The social security department changing my last name so my id is valid.  Covering Zachary for the time I am gone.   Unless I take him and his nanny along.
My sister is working for Disney the entire week and won’t be able to help me.  The nanny already took Friday off.  The ex step mother is on board for a few hours after work between the nanny getting out of school on Wed.  night.    Holy crap! ONe of the reasons I am going is because I have not had a break from Zach since having my gallbladder out twelve years ago.  
Lets see what Karma brings.  I am lucky, I am a winner, I am at the show. ( put on loop insert into subconscious)   Wish me luck.  
I used to take Zachary to the Joey Travolta school of acting for special needs kids.    Well, I think it was meant to be something like a school of acting but now it’s acting camps and school inservices.  It’s really nice to seem them going into a school and giving hope and having fun with troubled kids and kids with special needs.   They still have the program at Zach’s school and I think it’s one of the better things I have accomplished in my life.   The truth is……it was all Zach.  He was literally discovered  in a Starbucks in Burbank just down the street from Warner Bros studios.     
I love coffee and Zach loves coffee stir sticks.   Zach was spotted at the starbucks and invited to join an acting class fun by Joey Travolta and friends.   It was just getting off the ground and I was willing to give it a try.   While I was there I met another mother with an autistic son that was pursuing acting and film making for her son.    While the Joey T school has become a traveling camp.   The mom I met went on to find an extraordinary school for her son, and she is one of the producers of  Autism The Musical.    
This is a documentary about some children with special needs and friends putting on a musical.  
I love this because, acting is so good for our kids and so far away from the stereotypes of autism.  
Check Out HBO tonight at 8pm/7c  or HBO on Demand after Wednesday.     
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Due to the gov conceding on the vaccine case ireport on CNN

The government issued a reward in a vaccine case to a family with a child who has a mitochondrial disorder and autism.  Larry King has been featuring the story on CNN and Dr. Gupta is also featuring it on his show.   I emailed the show and in response to the call for videos, I uploaded videos of Zachary on the new section, ireport.  I uploaded 20 seconds of pain. It has been  viewed on youtube 3,275 times.   I uploaded, don’t worry about me.  viewed  1,418 times.  Then I uploaded blinking.  1,783 times viewed. Blinking is a little longer so I put it last.   I mention the number of times viewed because it helped me choose which ones to use for  CNN. I hope it was the right choice. I recently was contacted by a woman who has a child exactly like Zach. She is in texas and she is a family therapist.  It helped me to share my story with her.  I told her all my tricks and  validated many of the troubles she is having and pointed her to docs that will take her seriously.  I’ve gotten inspired to reach more people, beyond just youtube  videos.  I hope CNN really gets into this story.  I am hoping that the videos I choose will make the story more interesting and keep the conversation going.  

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